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Notes from Dec 12 Mtg with Dominion Energy

Dec 15, 2019

From Andy Campbell.


Several of us attended the Dominion Power information meeting on the Strategic Underground Project (burying our power lines) last evening. Much of the meeting was a repetition of what was covered in our last note to you, and can also be reviewed on the Dominion web site (https://www.dominionenergy.com/underground). The web site has useful information on the phases of the project and why it is being proposed.

Here are the headlines from the meeting that you should be aware of:

1) Dominion project management has developed a neighborhood schematic which shows where the lines are going to be buried and where they want to put the "pedestals" and transformers (see the photographs in our previous note). While you won't be able to see the overall map on the Dominion web site, you will be able to log in to see how Dominion proposes to route the underground power lines on your lot. Our Dominion work request number is 10296188. For additional information, please contact Tony Robinson on 571-203-5279. He is our Dominion Communications Coordinator.

2) A scan of the overall map indicates that the project will cover the entire neighborhood.

3) In order for this project to happen, most property owners will have to sign easements allowing Dominion to install and maintain equipment on their property. Dominion personnel will be contacting you starting as early as next week to discuss these easements.

4) If you want to see an underground powerline project underway, they are currently working on Gladstone and Arcturus roads off Fort Hunt. You are encouraged to drive by and take a look.

5) The Dominion project manager said that she expects the project to get started at about this time next year, or early in 2021.

6) Dominion will make the underground connection with your existing power meter. Older meters will require an adaptor.

7) Dominion pays for these projects with a small surcharge ($1.89/month) on all Dominion customers - there will be no additional cost to us.

To repeat a couple of points that have been made earlier:

1) Only the power cables are being buried. The Cox lines on the power poles will remain, as will the power poles.

2) The power lines cannot be buried on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street - this is owned and controlled by VDOT.