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Bock Farm Update

Sep 25, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

On September 20th the Fairfax County Planning Commission voted to approve the Final Development Plan Amendment for the remaining 7.12 acres of the Bock Farm. This plan amendment sets the location of the 3 single family homes allowed by the covenant, and the Board of Supervisors rezoning of 1977 referred to a RZ B-715.

This development plan does not change the current zoning of the 7+ acres, which is PDH-5. The plan does not include the existing house, which is not included in the covenant, or RZ B-715. The existing house is owned by the Bocks, and may be developed by right as long as it conforms to the current R-3 zoning, (3 single family homes per acre)

The plat shows the location of the three single family homes. Lots 1 & 2 are on approximately 1 acre each and lot 3 is on approximately 5 acres.

The plan does not set a time frame for construction of the 3 homes.

The plat can be found at wmnca.com under 'neighborhood Flyers'. The title is

John Harris

If you have questions or comments contact me at jcharris5@gmail.com