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Bock Farm Update

Oct 27, 2016

Good afternoon:

On Wednesday night, the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations, (MVCCA) at its monthly meeting, voted to rescind their motion to support their resolution MVCCA P&Z 2016-4, which was approved at their June 22nd 2016 meeting.

The motion supported the proposed development at Justice Snowden Farm, also known as Bock Farm. The plan was for building a condominium complex that included 4 four-story buildings of 128 units for residents age 55 and over.

The fact that the proposed development had been approved by the MVCCA, led the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to believe there was no opposition to the development.

Citizens voicing their opposition thru emails and a petition generated enough support in the community and MVCCA member associations that we were able to have the motion rescinded.

The work is not done. We must now notify each of the Supervisors that the support of the MVCCA for this proposed development no longer exists, and many citizens oppose it. Do it now.

Emails to Supervisor Dan Storck at mtvernon@fairfaxcounty.gov and the

clerktotheBOS@fairfaxcounty.gov for the other Supervisors

John Harris