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Residents Against Rezoning

Oct 22, 2016


There is the meeting tomorrow night for those opposed to the 4-story-4-building plan as well as the one on Thursday mentioned in the listserve posting from today. The below posting from Ed wheeler on Nextdoor has all the info....

Meeting this Sunday to Oppose Bock (Justice Snowden) Farm Rezoning!

Do you oppose the rezoning of Bock farm to allow for 4 x 55 foot buildings with 128 condos?

There are real concerns that will affect our whole community:
   Density, Privacy, Traffic, Light Pollution, Home Values, Upzoning of Remaining Acreage!
   For those who are concerned / opposed to this development please join us

We are encouraging all HOA leaders and neighbors who are opposed to this rezoning to attend:

Hollin Hall, Hollin Hills, Hollinsdale, Waynewood, Williamsburg Manor/North, Collingwood, Riverside Gardens, Gum Springs, Hybla Valley, Snowden, River Farm, Briary Farm, Wellington/Heights, North Mount Vernon, White Oaks, Villamay, Stratford Landing, Stratford on the Potomac and anyone else in Mt.Vernon District who wants to help!

•   This Sunday, October 23rd at 4:30 PM
•   St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Library
8009 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22308

If you oppose this rezoning, please get the word out to your neighbors and continue to sign the petition!