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Proposed development on the horse farm

May 10, 2016

Hi neighbors,

The owners of the 11 acre horse farm off of Apple Hill are attempting to develop 4.38 acres of the property into 128 55-and-over apartments, in four four-story buildings. You may have heard that a restrictive covenant exists restricting the use of the 11 acres to an equine center and three homes, to which the WMNCA and three households in WMN are parties. However, there is also the separate issue of rezoning required to develop the property. On May 4, 2016 I had a conversation with Laura Arseneau from the Fairfax County Planning Commission, she has three zoning applications regarding the proposed development in her portfolio, and she explained exactly what was being requested. Three applications are before the Planning Commission which will conduct a public hearing on July 13, 2016:

1. PCA-B-715 is to remove the 4.38 acres from the PDH-5 zoning district;

2. RZ 2015-MV-015 is to rezone the 4.38 acres from PDH-5 to R-8; and

3. SE 2015-MV-030 is to allow the specific development of an independent living facility within R-8 on those 4.38 acres.

All three applications will be reviewed concurrently and all must be approved for the proposed development to go forward. After the hearing, the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, which approves or denies the applications. Ms. Arseneau said the Planning Commission would welcome any input or concerns from the community regarding this proposed rezoning, both in writing (email her at laura.arseneau@fairfaxcounty.gov and CC plancom@fairfaxcounty.gov) or in person at the July 13, 2016 hearing.

She also noted that the existence of the restrictive covenant is not a bar to the rezoning, that it is not something the Planning Commission formally considers when examining rezoning applications. However, I noted that the existence and content of the covenant could figure prominently in the input from the neighborhood and she indicated that there is no bar to referring to it as a contributing factor to any concerns members of the community may have. Notice of the hearing will be in newspapers, posted on signs around the property, and mailed to residents within a certain distance of the proposed development, but that will not occur until June 22, so I wanted to give the neighborhood as much advance notice as possible that a forum exists to voice any concerns regarding the rezoning. Attached (posted to wmnca.com under flyers/documents) you will find documents sent by Ms. Arseneau in conjunction with these applications, including a narrative describing the proposed development and the rezoning applications, and several detailed maps. Please send along to any WMN residents I missed.


Shahin Saloom