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Farm update

Nov 18, 2015

Good morning to all;

This is an FYI, in case you receive a call from a neighbor.

The owners of the town houses, Briary Farms and River Farms have received letters from the county regarding an “application for a partial Proffered Condition Amendment”. All this means is the the developers of the farm, which are now known as L&F Bock Farm LLC, have applied to the county to change the zoning on the 4.3 acres. This requirement was discussed at our initial meeting, in May.

We did not receive the notice because, only the town houses and the farm were included in the final rezoning of the land in 1973. The 1973 change is referred to a RZ B-715, and was the result of the Harrelsons and S.L Hinson’s final development of the property. The county has assigned a new number to this proposal and, it is now PCA B-715, RZ 2015-MV-015, and SE 2015-MV-030.

Once approved by Zoning it will be placed on the schedule for a public hearing before the Fairfax County Planning Commission.

Any questions give me a call/email