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Mar 21, 2015

Many neighbors have asked about the markings on the street. The marking indicate to location of underground utilities, yellow for gas lines, blue is water, red is electric, and the light green is sanitary sewer. The gas company is preparing to upgrade our gas lines, this long term program, and we are now on the schedule. We do not have a starting date, but have been told that each household will receive a letter from the gas company describing the work. The process will NOT involve digging up the street to install new pipes, but will dig small holes in the street, expose the pipe and slide the new lines into the existing pipes.

The owners of the Horse Farm have signed a contract with a developer to build an “over 55” housing complex on the farm. As you may know there is a restrictive covenant on the farm that restricts development to three single family homes. Of the 11.3 acres that comprise the farm, 4.3 acres are exempt from the covenant, and can be developed by right as long as the development conforms the the current zoning of PDH-5. We have spoken with the Bock’s, the owners of the farm, about the location of the building, and our preference that it be located on the Hinson Farm Rd side of the property. Right now everything is in the preliminary stage. Surveys and soil samples will be taken to determine the exact location of the complex. We will keep you informed.

any questions contact John Harris at jcharris5@cox.net