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Proposed Parkway Changes

Nov 28, 2022

National Park Service Zoom Meeting

Topic: National Park Service (NPS) Proposed George Washington Memorial
Parkway (GWMP) Intersection Changes: Belle Haven Road and possibly Belle
View Blvd.

Note: This meeting topic is ONLY for the intersections (not speeding,
reckless driving, speed cameras, or any other part of the GWMP).

When: Wednesday, November 30, 2022 - 7:00 pm

Zoom Link:

Agenda: The NPS has carefully reviewed the combined concerns and
recommendations of the New Alexandria Citizens Association (NACA) and
the MVCCA Transportation Committee to make the Belle Haven & Belle View
intersections safer. The NPS will present their proposed changes at the
meeting which will be moderated by Noah Simon, Rep Don Beyer's District
Chief of Staff.

Additional information: Please see the NACA June 28, 2022 letter to NPS
which is attached to this email.

Respectfully yours,


Peter Sitnik
Transportation Committee Chair
Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations