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WMNCA Directory

Aug 31, 2022

Hello, WMN neighbors! Our community association has decided to publish a directory and neighborhood guide full of important information and useful resources.

Participation in the directory is completely optional, and each household can decide what information to include. The directory will not be circulated outside the neighborhood, and it may not be used for solicitation or fundraising purposes. To address privacy concerns, there will be no online or electronic version of the directory.

WMNCA membership is open to all residents of Williamsburg Manor North, including renters (if the homeowner is not a member). Association dues are just $10 annually and fund maintenance of the neighborhood sign, social events like the Fourth of July and Halloween celebrations, and holiday lamppost decorations.

Any household can be part of the directory, but copies will only be available to dues-paying members of WMNCA. If you’ve paid your $10 dues for 2022, you’re all set! If you have not yet joined WMNCA or paid for 2022, you may do so now to receive a copy. You may pay your $10 by Venmo to @Suzanna-OBoyle, or you may deliver $10 in cash or check payable to WMNCA to 8202 Chancery. Note that the WMNCA membership year resets in May.

If you want a photo of your family to be included in the directory, please email it to wmndirectory@gmail.com. Don't forget to let us know who's in it (e.g., left to right: Lee family – Robert, Anne, George).

Directory information and photos are due by Saturday, September 24. All fields other than family name and WMN address are optional, as is the photo. Send your questions to wmndirectory@gmail.com -- thanks for your interest!