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WMNCA Annual Meeting Minutes 13 May 2022

May 17, 2022

Williamsburg Manor North Citizens
Minutes of the May 2022 Membership Meeting

The Meeting was called to order at 7:13 pm. A quorum was not present. The agenda was read.

The Treasurer’s report was handed out and there were no questions.

Minutes of the last meeting were not available

Membership: 45 current members includes one new member tonight.

Election of Officers: Because we do not have a quorum, elections will be held when we get a quorum or at the next meeting.

Committee Reports
Transportation: Jack Coulter reported that Fairfax County Department of Transportation has conducted a survey of 11 intersections along RTE1 and recommends elimination of 7 dedicated right hand turn lanes at intersections from Beacon Hill Rd. (Famous Dave’s) to Sacramento Drive. (McDonalds), citing a concern for pedestrian safety. A survey has been developed.

Visit this link for the survey: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/transportation/richmond-hwy-brt

Education: Fairfax County has fully funded the School Boards request for FY2023

Public Safety: Fairfax County is facing staffing issues citing recruitment, and retirements as a major problem. The officers (Police and Fire) are highly trained by the County and then are recruited by other local jurisdictions. In the FY203 budget the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, in addition to a 4% COLA, have granted a longevity step to eligible Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Sheriffs, effective July 2022.

Planning and Zoning: There was discussion on removal of the large trees at the corner of Belle View BLVD and Fort Hunt Road. The church which occupied the lot for many years sold it. Seven single family homes will be built there. This is just a small part of the “infill development” we are seeing in the area with smaller/older homes being torn down and larger ones built on the lot. This practice is allowed by what is called “by right” development. If the new construction conforms to County Code, it can be built. The new homes do not have to conform to the existing style in the community. The larger homes nestled in among smaller ones are causing problems with storm water runoff because larger impervious areas are creating more run off and impacting neighbors.

The MVCCA also discussed the proposed Bus Rapid Transit for Richmond Highway and is concerned about the State wanting to widen the Highway to 11, 12, and 13 lanes which is not in keeping with the County’s comprehensive plan. Citizens groups are asking the State and the County to go back to the drawing board.

Also discussed was the proposed restaurant to be located at the southeast corner of Richmond Highway and Fort Hunt Road, known as the “Huntwood Plaza” project. It has been deferred to gather more information on traffic issues

President Report: Dominion Energy will begin undergrounding the electric service lines in the September/October time frame. The plan to bury all of the service lines in the community was scaled back and only those homes on the outer loop of Chancery Ct will be buried.

Fairfax County has adopted it’s 2023 budget. Included in the budget is a 3-cent reduction in the real estate tax- from $1.14 per $100.00 of the assessed value to$1.11. The personal property tax (car tax) was reduced by 15%.
A quorum was attained, and the election of officers was held. The nominating committee presented the following slate:
President: John Harris
Vice President: Walter Zurawski
Secretary: Melissa Edwards
Treasure: Sue O’Boyle
Directors: Jack Coulter, Dean Moore, Mark Higgins, and David Weinraub

Appointed positions to the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Association’s standing committees: Shahin Saloom- Public Safety; Mark Higgins- Environment and Recreation and Rob Johansson Planning and Zoning.

There was some discussion about producing a WMNCA directory. In years past we published one annually, which was printed and distributed to the community. This version would be digital and available to through the web site. You would select which information you wanted in the directory. We are still looking at different ways to collect the information, and security of the site.