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WMNCA Halloween Party Sign Up Update

Oct 16, 2021

Fall fest is almost here!!!! We have a few big holes on
the sign up
Right now the Carnival games don't have enough
kids running them. Adults are welcome to help out on
this but it is quite special for it to be fully kid powered!
We have noone for the last hour. I would hate to see it
fizzle. ****Feel free to reach out to me personally if
you have a question..
.. we will take the help even if its
a shorter amount of time! Additionally if you have an
eager helper who it not 6th grade yet we can have
them help too. Madelyn and Jack Raison ran the
fishing booth at the last event and they were 4th
We are in need of grillers! As much as Michael Black
would love to fulfill his dream of making everyone he
knows a burger this may be a larger order for one man!
So far we have only 3 sign ups for Chili... and while this
helps my chances of winning more are certainly
If anyone has leftover party favor type prizes they'd
like to donate or stuffed animals to add to our prize bin
shoot me a message or just drop them off to my
Quick note on WNNCA dues: Last call for online
payment…… I am closing out the venmo option for dues
this week if you want to take advantage of that option
@Michelle-Black-52 (4932). For those who have paid
the site is not yet updated just fyi